How To Choose Right Smartphone For You In 2020

By Obi Khan

  • Budget (Should always be the first thing to sort out)
  • Platform/Category (Mac, Windows or Android)
  • Brand (There are many brands like Samsung, Huawei, Apple)
  • Screen-size (Right size for you)
  • Specs (Is an important parameter to meet your requirement)
  • Battery-life (Important factor to be considered)

Right Smartphone For You In 2020

Buying a smartphone is time consuming process. Whether you’re a businessman, spend your time on a tight routine and you want your smartphone to keep your schedule up for you or a simple guy who wants to enjoy different apps and games on a smartphone, you need the right smartphone to meet your needs. We are going to help you with how to choose right smartphone for you in 2020. When buying a smartphone first thing you should consider is your budget. There are a lot of fancy smartphones in the tech markets right now that are gonna cost a fortune, but if you are on budget make sure you are going for the right smartphone that will serve your needs. There are following things that you might keep in mind when you are going to buy the right smartphone for you.


Smartphones and other electronic gadgets are pricey things.You should always look at your pocket before going out in a tech market.If you are on a low budget, there are always some cheap smartphones that can meet your requirement but if you look at expensive smartphones with astonishing feature,that chain goes on and on, but keep scrolling we will help you with how to choose right smartphone for you.


Whether you are a gamer and play different kinds of game on your smartphone or you are a businessman and need your smartphone to handle the schedule of meetings and callings for you. There is versatile variety of smartphones around. Here are some categories to help you with how to choose right smartphone for you in 2020.









Platform: Windows, Mac or Android?

That’s not an easy question especially when you are not familiar with each platform. Mac and Android smartphones are most people familiar with and these companies always has new smartphones in the markets. We will try to make this subject easy for you. Mac and Android smartphones offers all kinds of flexibility there should be in a smartphone while Windows is based on Microsoft. If you are into different social apps and google friendly things, then Android is good for you but if you want to maintain a high standard of quality and performance then you should consider IOS (iPhone Only).That’s an ever-going debate between iPhone and Android, there are a lot of fans who consider Android more royal than iPhone, but the truth is iPhone is costly and have less features compares to Android.

Microsoft windows smartphones has very less to offer comparatively. keep the platform in your mind before going to the tech market to choose the right smartphone for you.


There’s a smartphone for every use like above-mentioned. As technology improves many manufactures joined the business of smartphones, so when you search of right smartphone for you, you will see a huge variety of smartphones that will make you confused about choosing the one that you actually need, so we’ve compiled a list of best smartphones brands in the world to help you with how to choose right smartphone for you in 2020.

  • Samsung- Is considered as one of the top brand smartphone manufacturing company. Samsung specifically designs the smartphones for everyone out there. Samsung also deals with the budget smartphones that involves modern innovation and latest android version. Samsung give users enough storage with vast display resolution and highly compatible specs that makes it one of the top brands in the world.
  • Huawei- Is also one of the top smartphones manufacturing company in the world. They make sure that the smartphone has all the astonishing features that meets the demand of the latest technology and every business so that they can handle any task. Their famous laptops brands are Nova, mate and many others. Their smartphones has the high resolution and all the astonishing features.
  • Google- Is one of the leading company world-wide that deals with software as well as with hardware. They’ve got a big name throughout the world and their smartphones are considered number one in the world in terms of latest features and smooth usage. Their famous smartphones are Nexus and Pixel. They have better cameras and features comparing with all other android competitors.
  • iPhone- Is known world-wide by their high prices but they delivered promising products. Apple’s smartphones give ultimate performance based on their high graphics, size, memory and compatible nature to handle any task makes them number 1 in the world of sexiest gadgets. IOS in apple’s smartphones are fully optimized and easily executable.


Specifications of a smartphones consist of the following attributes.

  • Processor
  • RAM (Random-Access-Memory)
  • Storage (Secondary-Memory)
  • Screen-Resolution/Graphics
  • Camera

People often get confused over specifications, not only processor or a RAM alone make your system run faster. It’s like BMI (Body-Mass-Index), to make your device efficient you need maintain your specifications accordingly. its an important factor that helps you with how to choose right smartphone for you in 2020.

Processor Is an electric brain. Information goes in and out simultaneously. Due to its complex calculation in very short time makes it most important factor in the list of specifications.

RAM is like the consciousness of the system, more size of RAM will no doubt make your system handle more task at one time. Now a days 8GB RAMs are available in smartphones.

Storage is another thing you should consider before buying smartphone. It’s capacity of your smartphone to store data in it. storage. Storage comes in the form of SD, that is fast and provide a huge storage capacity. Now a day’s smartphone offers 250GBs of SSD. But you can also add a SD-Card to your smartphone

Screen-Resolution is another main factor for users to sort out before buying a smartphone because your performance and detailed gaming or imaging stuff pretty much depends on the resolution of the screen. In past, most smartphones have a resolution of 1366x768p on their screens, this means that much pixels on screen. 1366x768p resolution that is HD (High-Definition)

Camera The best camera phone will let you take fantastic pictures without you needing to be a photography pro – but with so many different handsets boasting decked-out phone cameras, it’s hard to know what the real best is. The camera specs is also an important factor on how to choose right smartphone for you in 2020.


Screen-size is an important thing to consider before buying a smartphone. If you are passionate about playing games on smartphone. A better screen-size can help you meet your requirement. There are different sizes available in tech markets right now.

Battery-life relates to screen-size and resolution, the higher resolution you have the less battery performance you got. But there are some smartphones that came up with a solution for battery-life. As above-mentioned laptops, some of them have a battery-life of 136 hours straight.


If you keep above-mentioned details in your mind before going to market, you can buy a good smartphone that meet your requirements under the suitable budget.

All those things are important factors in a smartphone. Brands doesn’t matter, all the brands that are discussed above are world’s legendary, what matter is your requirement meeting specification. We hope you enjoy reading it. Good luck

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