Why We Need Quantum Computers

Why We Need

Quantum Computers

Mankind started a journey from the stone age to today’s modern technological revolution. If we look back to our journey, we will find many interesting things that mankind had to encounter, weightlifting was an issue for us as well as for other animals, but we came up with a brilliant solution that no other specie could think of. Wheel was the most inspirational invention that changes the whole design of the world at that time. Weightlifting was not an issue anymore thanks to wheel, same as that electricity and computers are the most inspirational inventions of the modern times. Now the world has totally changed because of them. But its not end here, there are still billions of things out there that are not discovered yet. There are many problems that we’ve no answer or solution for, from the vary questions that create horrors for our existence and many complex problems that lead brain towards only infinity and absurdity. To deal with such complex problems that needs the supreme form of brain processing we’ve come towards quantum computers. A normal computer cannot handle the ever-growing complexities in the realm of computing that’s why we need quantum computers. To form the structures that allows human to see beneath the astonishing theory that have shaken the pillars of physics, The String theory. The particles discussed in string theory are tinier and littler that quantum realm have no idea about their nature. To form a structural approach to see inside the black holes and creations of god particles and unravel mysteries of dark matter. We need quantum computers to do all of these and many other things that a non-technical person couldn’t think of. keep scrolling to know why we need quantum computers and what are its applications.

Quantumquantum computing

Quantum is the word you guys mostly heard in Hollywood movies or series if you’re not a student of science, but if you’re a student of sciences then you would have already known the term “Quantum”. Quantum is a term that is used for the particles that are so tiny even the microscope couldn’t trace their movements. Quantum physics discuss the nature of these particles and almost all the physicist believes that the nature of quantum particle is like poetry, we cannot understand that completely. The law and nature of quantum things are so much different than the law we know about this universe like newton’s gravity and inertia. So, to learn the laws of quantum particles we learn quantum physics but how come quantum helps computing? Keep scrolling to know more about quantum computers and why we need quantum computers.

Computers and Quantum computing

Besides gaming and watching movies or series computer servers many other roles in the society. What computer is? Well, its an electrical brain, it works just like your brain, your brain works by combining the consciousness and subconsciousness with unconsciousness same as that the electrical brain works by combining the storage with random access to that storage and then process that storage. But normal computers know only 0 and 1 in the form of bits. It can process only on 0 or 1 bit at a time but the case with the quantum computer is different. Quantum computer uses qubits, qubits have superposition, they are 0 and 1 at the same times. Instead of processing just 1 or 0, a quantum processor can do 0 and 1 simultaneously. Quantum computers take advantage of the strange behavior of subatomic particles to exist in more than one state at a time and use the phenomenon of entanglement to store and process both 0 and 1 at the same time. Below are few examples of why we need quantum computers.

Applications of Quantum Computers

  • Cybersecurity- the impact of quantum computers on cybersecurity is profound and game-changing. Technically quantum processor can crack our current forms of encryptions, but it can also design a model that take a normal computer million of years to break. That’s why we need quantum computers in the felid of cybersecurity.
  • Drug-Development- as more enhanced processing a quantum computer can simulate the molecules and learn more about their nature that helps developing a new drug. It can pretty much help us to come up with a vaccine to treat covid19. That’s why we need quantum computers, they’re game changers. Learn how tech change the way of medical sciences.
  • Financial-Modeling- quantum computer shows a promising deal in the field of finance. With the ability to perform the task at sub-atomic level a quantum processor gives the ultimate results of different predictions and financial models. There are currently many use cases regarding this specific area. That’s why we need quantum computers in financial modeling.
  • Traffic-Optimization- quantum computer use many exotic algorithms to minimize the time for a given set of cars to travel between their individual sources and destinations. It’s one of the main applications of quantum computing.
  • Artificial-Intelligence- is based on very huge amount of data to process and ingest, analyze and classifies, with quantum computer that data can be analyze and classifies more precisely. It can show the different patterns in the data that cannot be seen by a normal computer. That’s why we need quantum computers, they can change the whole design of current computing and world.


Quantum computers show a great deal of things that help us solve the dilemmas that normal computers couldn’t think of. With broad range of applications, the whole design of the world can be change by quantum computers. We need quantum computers to make this world a better place, with help of them we can overcome many viruses that are currently hunting the world and many financial and physical absurdities of the current world can be solved by quantum computers.

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