Digital currencies and criminal activity … the most prominent incidents of hacking that occurred in 2019:

When talking about digital currencies and their many characteristics, the most essential features that are mentioned are always centered on the high security associated with them thanks to Blockchain technology, and even though this talk is somewhat correct, but digital currencies are still subject to penetration and fraud, and that By targeting trading platforms that store many of their users’ information and accounts that contain billions of dollars in currencies.

With the continuous growth of the digital currency market in recent years, trading platforms have become the victims of many penetration and sabotage operations. The past year has witnessed an increase in the number of penetration incidents compared to 2018, when more than half a million users were stolen in addition to digital currencies worth $ 292 million Almost, in this article we will talk about the most important of these incidents that had a significant impact on users and platforms in the past year. So follow us to get to know her.

Cryptopia platform:

Date of breakout: 14 – 1-2019

The first breakthrough occurred just two weeks after the beginning of last year, and it took place in the New Zealand-based Cryptopia platform. Cryptocurrencies were stolen with approximately $ 16 million from users than 20 different currencies were stolen from the currency wallets Linked to the platform.

LocalBitcoins platform:

Date of penetration: 26 – 1 2019

The second incident took place in the Finnish LocalBitcoins platform, where the hackers were able to replace the main link of the platform with another fraudulent link to trick users and steal login data. As a result, a coin of $ 27,000 worth of money was generated from only six user accounts.

Coinmama stand:

Date of penetration: 15 – 2019

February of last year witnessed the first penetration of user data, and it was the share of the trading platform Coinmama, which noticed that its database had been leaked. As a result, accounts and passwords of about 450 thousand users of the platform were stolen, to be published after It’s on a dark website.

DragonEx Platform:

Date of penetration: 24 – 3-2019

DragonEx’s Singapore-based trading platform, through its official group, reported on Telegram that it was subjected to a breach, which resulted in the theft of several digital currencies related to the platform and user accounts on it as well. A few days later, DragonEx announced that the breach, which was an APT attack, had resulted in the theft of $ 7.09 million in digital assets of Tether.

CoinBene stand:

Date of penetration: 3-25-2019

One day after the hacking of the DragonEx platform, the Singapore-based CoinBene platform saw another hack. Still, with much worse results, the platform’s users were concerned about the possibility of a hack after it was suddenly closed for maintenance. Some noticed the disappearance of coins from their wallets worth 105 One Million Dollars. Despite the evidence that a blocking took place on Blockchain, CoinBene insisted that this be the case.

Bithumb stand:

Date of penetration: 3-30-2019

Less than a week after the two hacks in Singapore, the South Korean Bithumb saw the third hack in the same month, and it resulted in $ 18.7 million of crypto theft, all from Ripple and EOS only. But unlike previous incidents, Bithumb noted that the breach occurred due to the involvement of one of its employees who had access rights.


Binance platform:

Date of breakout: 7 – 5 – 2019

Binance is the largest digital currency trading platform in the world. As a result, hijackers have always focused on the number of digital assets and the large number of users associated with it. Also, Binance states that the hackers have stolen some other useful information, including 2-step verification keys.

Three months after the accident, a person named Bnatov Platon stated that he had hacked those responsible for Binance’s hacking and discovered that they had obtained about 60,000 files from the platform’s KYC service, and these files included IDs of approximately 10,000 users.

GitHub platform:

Date of breakout: 1 – 6 – 2019

In June, the British GateHub announced that information about 100 Ripple wallet users had been accessed by third parties, and their content is stolen. GateHub did not announce how much was stolen. Still, one of the platform’s users searched and investigated it. Discovered several days later, the value of the currencies was about $ 10 million at the time, which was equivalent to 23.2 million of the Ripple digital currency.

Bitrue platform:

Penetration date: 26 – 2019

Bitrue is the third most crucial Singaporean platform to be hacked last year, as hackers discovered a vulnerability that helped them gain access to 90 users’ accounts. After that, they used those accounts and information to access the Bitrue wallet, and as a result, a large number of Ripple coin and Cardano worth $ 4.23 million were stolen.

Upbit platform:

Date of penetration: 27 – 11 – 2019

This incident is considered one of the most important events of penetration in the past year, which was the share of South Korea, which is the headquarters of this platform, as it was subjected to a significant penetration that resulted in the theft of 342 thousand of Ethereum coin worth $ 49 million at the time.

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